Gostiona 1928, nestled within the historic alleys of Podgorica, is a culinary beacon, elegantly fusing Montenegro's rich gastronomic heritage with Mediterranean flavors. Opening its doors in 1928, this establishment transcends being merely a dining spot to become a cultural and historical rendezvous point, celebrating the region's heritage since its namesake year.

The restaurant's interior transports diners on a journey through time. Carefully curated antique furniture, period decorations, and historic photographs adorning the walls bring the early 20th century's charm and warmth into the present. Gostiona 1928 enchants its guests by serving every meal in a tranquil and refined atmosphere, making each visit a captivating experience.

The menu, crafted with skill by the chefs, marries authentic tastes with a modern twist, spotlighting fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Traditional Montenegrin fare like Njeguši prosciutto, handmade cheeses, and grilled meats are given a contemporary edge. Additionally, Mediterranean influences grace the menu with seafood, pasta, and risotto options, each dish highlighting the ingredients' freshness and quality.

The wine cellar of Gostiona 1928 boasts an extensive selection, featuring both Montenegrin wines and international picks. The experienced staff are adept at suggesting the perfect wine pairing for each dish, enriching the dining experience with their knowledge.

Service at Gostiona 1928 stands out for its hospitality and professionalism. Each guest feels valued and special in the warm embrace of the restaurant's ambiance.

Gostiona 1928 offers a unique destination for those looking to immerse themselves in Montenegro's flavors and hospitality within a historical setting. This restaurant mirrors the timeless allure of Montenegrin cuisine and culture, providing both locals and international visitors with memorable moments.


6 Bokeška, Podgoritsa, Montenegro

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