Montenegrin dictionary

Certainly! Here are some common words and phrases in Montenegrin, the official language of Montenegro:

  • Hello: Zdravo (Здраво)
  • Goodbye: Doviđenja (Довиђења)
  • Please: Molim (Молим)
  • Thank you: Hvala (Хвала)
  • Yes: Da (Да)
  • No: Ne (Не)
  • Excuse me / Sorry: Izvinite (Извините)
  • How are you?: Kako ste? (Како сте?)
  • I’m fine: Dobro sam (Добро сам)
  • What’s your name?: Kako se zovete? (Како се зовете?)
  • My name is…: Zovem se… (Зовем се…)
  • Where is…?: Gdje je…? (Где је…?)
  • How much does this cost?: Koliko košta ovo? (Колико кошта ово?)
  • I don’t understand: Ne razumijem (Не разумијем)
  • Help!: Upomoć! (Упомоћ!)
  • Water: Voda (Вода)
  • Food: Hrana (Храна)
  • Bathroom: Toalet (Тоалет)
  • Hotel: Hotel (Хотел)
  • Beach: Plaža (Плажа)
  • Bus: Autobus (Аутобус)
  • Train: Voz (Воз)
  • Airport: Aerodrom (Аеродром)

Remember that the pronunciation might differ from the English spelling. Montenegrin uses the Cyrillic and Latin scripts, and you might encounter both during your visit. Learning a few basic phrases can go a long way in making your travel experience in Montenegro more enjoyable.

Montenegrin to English Translator apps

  1. Montenegrin English Translator on Android: This is a complimentary translation application designed for Android devices, offering swift and straightforward translations between Montenegrin and English.
  2. LingoJam’s Montenegrin to English Translation Tool: This platform facilitates translations between Montenegrin and English, emphasizing that Montenegrin is a recognized variant of the Serbo-Croatian language within Montenegro.
  3. Glosbe Montenegrin to English Dictionary: This dictionary service provides comprehensive translations from Montenegrin to English, complete with detailed definitions and grammatical insights to ensure precise translations of phrases and expressions.
  4. Google Translate: Capable of translating between Montenegrin and English among its wide range of up to 133 languages, this tool offers features such as offline translation, real-time camera translation, and the ability to translate images.
  5. Lexilogos Montenegrin Dictionary and Online Translation: This resource provides access to a Montenegrin-English dictionary, online translation services, and grammar tools, including a Montenegrin keyboard for inputting unique characters.

These tools offer various services to assist with Montenegrin to English translations, accommodating different requirements like text, voice, and image translations.


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