What to eat in Kotor?

Kotor, located on the stunning Adriatic coast of Montenegro, offers a range of delicious local and Mediterranean-inspired dishes that you should definitely try during your visit. Here are some traditional foods and dishes to try while you’re in Kotor:

  1. Buzara: Buzara is a popular seafood dish made with mussels or other shellfish cooked in a tomato and wine sauce, often flavored with garlic and parsley. It’s a flavorful and aromatic dish commonly enjoyed along the coastal regions.
  2. Black Risotto (Crni Rižot): This dish gets its dark color from squid ink and is made with rice and various seafood, such as squid or cuttlefish. It has a unique flavor and is a must-try for seafood lovers.
  3. Cevapi: Although more commonly associated with Balkan cuisine, you can find cevapi in many places around Montenegro. These are small, grilled minced meat sausages, typically served with flatbread (somun), chopped onions, and a red pepper-based condiment called ajvar.
  4. Montenegrin Prosciutto (Njeguški Pršut): This is a type of cured ham that is often served as an appetizer or part of a cheese and meat platter. It has a distinctive flavor and is usually enjoyed with local cheeses and olives.
  5. Fresh Seafood: Given Kotor’s coastal location, you’ll have access to a variety of fresh seafood. Grilled fish, octopus, and other seafood dishes are commonly found in restaurants along the waterfront.
  6. Pastrovski Makaruli: This traditional pasta dish hails from the nearby region of Paštrovići. It consists of homemade pasta served with a sauce made from meat, tomatoes, onions, and spices.
  7. Soparnik: While not native to Kotor but rather Croatia, soparnik is a delicious savory pie made with layers of thin dough and filled with a mixture of Swiss chard, onions, and garlic.
  8. Montenegrin Wine: Along with your meals, consider trying some local Montenegrin wines. The country produces a variety of wines, both red and white, that can complement your dining experience.
  9. Krofne: For dessert, indulge in krofne, which are doughnuts often filled with jam or chocolate cream.
  10. Local Sweets: Look out for traditional Montenegrin sweets like tulumbe (fried dough soaked in syrup) or baklava (layers of filo dough with nuts and honey).

When exploring the local cuisine in Kotor, don’t forget to enjoy the scenic views and the charming atmosphere of this historic coastal town. As always, it’s a good idea to ask locals or your accommodations for recommendations on the best places to try these dishes during your visit.


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