How do I get from Amsterdam to Montenegro?

  1. By Air: The fastest way to travel is by air. Flights from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to either Podgorica or Tivat Airports in Montenegro are available. Direct flights may not be available every day, but there are frequent connecting flights through other European cities. The flight duration varies from approximately 2 to 4 hours, depending on the specific flight and connections. For the best options and prices, consider checking airline websites or travel comparison sites.
  2. By Car: Driving from Amsterdam to Montenegro offers an opportunity to explore many places along the way. The distance is about 2000 kilometers and the drive takes roughly 20 hours, excluding breaks. The journey will take you through several countries including Germany, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia. Remember to be informed about traffic rules and visa requirements of each country. Also, being prepared for long drives and ensuring your vehicle is well-maintained is crucial.
  3. By Train: While there’s no direct train service from Amsterdam to Montenegro, you can travel by train to a nearby country like Serbia or Croatia and then take a bus or another train to Montenegro. This option takes more time but offers scenic routes and a unique travel experience. Consider looking into train tickets and rail passes like Eurail for traveling across Europe.
  4. By Bus: The least convenient and most time-consuming option is traveling by bus. It involves several transfers and the journey can take more than a day. It’s a suitable option for those who don’t mind long hours on the road and are looking for a budget-friendly travel method. You can research international bus services that start from Amsterdam and go to Montenegro.


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