How to get to Montenegro by car?

Getting to Montenegro by car is possible through several neighboring countries. Here are some common routes to reach Montenegro by car:

  1. Croatia: If you are coming from Croatia, there are multiple border crossings between the two countries. The most popular border crossings include Debeli Brijeg, Kobila, and Karasovići. You can enter Montenegro from cities such as Dubrovnik or Split in Croatia, and the main coastal highway, E65, connects to Montenegro.
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina: From Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can enter Montenegro through several border crossings. The most frequently used crossings are Sitnica and Scepan Polje. It is important to check the specific requirements for border crossings, as some may have restrictions or require additional paperwork.
  3. Serbia: If you are traveling from Serbia, you can cross the border into Montenegro at numerous points. Some commonly used crossings include Dračenovac, Jabuka, and Vučevo. The E763 and E762 highways provide connections from Serbia to Montenegro.
  4. Albania: The border crossing between Albania and Montenegro is at the Božaj/Vermosh crossing. It is important to note that the road conditions in this area may be challenging, particularly in mountainous regions. Ensure that you have the necessary travel documents and are aware of any requirements for crossing the border.

Before embarking on your journey, ensure that you have the required documentation, including a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance. It’s also essential to research the specific entry requirements and border crossing regulations, as they may vary and be subject to change.

During the peak tourist season, there may be increased traffic at border crossings, so it’s advisable to plan your trip accordingly and be prepared for potential delays. Additionally, it’s recommended to have a map or GPS navigation system to help you navigate the roads and find your destinations within Montenegro.

Please note that road conditions, traffic regulations, and entry requirements may change, so it’s advisable to check the latest information from official sources or consult with local authorities before your journey.


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