Founded in 1926

The National Museum of Montenegro is a complex museum consisting of several organizational units: the History Museum with a permanent exhibition in the Government House, the King Nikola Museum, the Peter II Petrovic Njegos Museum, the birthplace of Njegos, the mausoleum of Njegos in Lovcen, Bishop Danilo Eagle Karst's mausoleum and Montenegro Relief; Contemporary Art Gallery "Miodrag Dado Đurić" and Art Museum with Atelier DADO; Lapidarium with the Ethnographic Museum and the newly established Archaeological Museum. Museums are housed in buildings that are cultural and historical monuments of the greatest importance. The Government House building, built in 1910 in neo-Renaissance style, is today the administrative seat of the National Museum, which houses the permanent exhibits of the Museum of History and Art.


In 1838, a special area was created in the Billiards where loot weapons, flags and church artifacts were displayed. In 1890, the museum was moved to the Laboratory building, and in 1896, the Law on the Library and Museum of the Principality of Montenegro was enacted, and a museum was established in the Zeta House building.


- In 1926, the State Museum was established at the court of the last Montenegrin monarch, King Nikola. In 1950, the National Gallery was established, from which the Art Museum emerged, and a year later the Ethnographic Museum, the Njegoš Museum and the National War of Liberation Museum were established. In 1989, a permanent exhibition of the History Museum was established. The "Cetinje Museums" institution was transformed into the "Montenegro National Museum" in 1992.


- In 2002, the Ethnographic Museum was located in the former Serbian Embassy building. In the same year, Atelier Dado's gallery was opened. In 2012, the Archaeological Museum was established and a lapidary opened in the Billiards garden. The modern gallery "Miodrag Dado Đurić" on Balšić Square was opened in 2012 in the renovated building of the old Trgopromet. In 2018, the Ethnography Museum received its first permanent exhibition.


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