Mihailo Lalić

Mihailo Lalić was a prominent Montenegrin writer in the mid-20th century Yugoslavia. Born in 1914 in Trepça, he is best known for his works that focus on World War II and its impact on Yugoslavia, particularly Montenegro. The experiences he lived through during this period deeply influenced his literary works.

Lalić’s writings often explore the impact of war on individuals, personal and societal conflicts, and moral dilemmas. One of his most famous works, “Lelejska Gora” (translated as “The Mountain of Lelej”), narrates the experiences of Montenegrin partisans during World War II, delving deeply into the effects of war on the human soul.

He adopted a realistic approach in his writings, portraying his characters as complex, multi-dimensional, and realistic. His narrative style is thought-provoking and emotionally engaging, also notable for rich descriptions of Balkan history and culture.

Mihailo Lalić holds a significant place in Yugoslav and Montenegrin literature, and his works contribute to the understanding of the region’s history and culture. The author passed away in 1992, but his works continue to attract attention for their literary value and historical significance.


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