Montenegro border crossings

Montenegro shares several border crossings with its neighboring countries, namely Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania. Here are some of Montenegro’s border crossings:

  1. With Croatia:
    • Debeli Brijeg (Montenegro) – Karasovići (Croatia)
  2. With Bosnia and Herzegovina:
    • Ilino Brdo (Montenegro) – Sitnica (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    • Šćepan Polje (Montenegro) – Hum (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    • Vitina (Montenegro) – Krstac (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  3. With Serbia:
    • Dračenovac (Montenegro) – Jabuka (Serbia)
    • Ranče (Montenegro) – Gostun (Serbia)
  4. With Kosovo:
    • Kula (Montenegro) – Rožaje (Kosovo)
    • Vracenovici (Montenegro) – Bağlambashta (Kosovo)
  5. With Albania:
    • Božaj (Montenegro) – Han i Hotit (Albania)
    • Sukobin (Montenegro) – Muriqan (Albania)
    • Grnčar (Montenegro) – Baškim (Albania)

These border crossings are typically open for vehicular traffic in both directions. However, it’s recommended to check the operating hours, traffic conditions, and other details at the border crossings before traveling. Especially during the tourist seasons or holidays, congestion might be encountered at the borders.


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