Montenegro ranked in Eurovision

Montenegro has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest several times since its independence. Here’s an overview of Montenegro’s rankings in the Eurovision Song Contest:

  1. 2007: Montenegro’s debut entry was “Ajde, kroči” performed by Stevan Faddy. It reached the 22nd place in the semi-final and did not qualify for the final.
  2. 2008: In 2008, Montenegro withdrew from the competition.
  3. 2009: Montenegro returned with the song “Just Get Out of My Life” performed by Andrea Demirović. However, it did not qualify for the final, placing 11th in the semi-final.
  4. 2010-2011: Montenegro participated but did not qualify for the finals in these years.
  5. 2012: Montenegro achieved its best Eurovision result up to that point with the song “Euro Neuro” performed by Rambo Amadeus. It reached the 15th place in the semi-final.
  6. 2013: Montenegro qualified for the final for the first time with the song “Igranka” performed by Who See featuring Nina Žižić. It reached the 12th place in the semi-final and finished 19th in the final.
  7. 2014: Montenegro achieved its best-ever Eurovision result with the song “Moj svijet” performed by Sergej Ćetković. It qualified for the final and finished in 19th place.
  8. 2015: Knez represented Montenegro with the song “Adio” and managed to qualify for the final, finishing in 13th place.
  9. 2016-2020: Montenegro participated in these years but did not manage to qualify for the finals.
  10. 2021: Montenegro withdrew from the competition.


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