Playgrounds in Residential Areas of Montenegro

Montenegro has several residential areas that have playgrounds for children. These playgrounds are typically smaller in size but still provide a safe and enjoyable environment for kids. Here are a few examples of residential area playgrounds in Montenegro:

1. Podgorica: The capital city of Montenegro has numerous residential areas equipped with playgrounds. Some well-known neighborhoods with playgrounds include Masline, Zagoric, and Blok V.

2. Budva: This popular coastal city also features residential areas with playgrounds. Neighborhoods like Dubovica, Mainski Put, and Rozino have playgrounds where children can play and have fun.

3. Kotor: Kotor, a charming town on the Bay of Kotor, has residential areas with playgrounds as well. Neighborhoods such as Dobrota, Muo, and Prcanj have playgrounds where children can enjoy outdoor play.

4. Herceg Novi: This coastal town has several residential areas with playgrounds. Neighborhoods like Topla, Igalo, and Savina have playgrounds for children to enjoy.

5. Ulcinj: Ulcinj, located on the Adriatic coast, also has residential areas with playgrounds. Neighborhoods such as Pinješ, Velika Plaza, and Donji Štoj have playgrounds for children’s play.

These are just a few examples, and there are likely many more playgrounds in residential areas all across Montenegro. These playgrounds typically include slides, swings, climbing structures, and sometimes even sports courts. They provide a safe space for children to play, socialize, and enjoy outdoor activities within their neighborhoods.


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