What is the best beach in Montenegro?

One summer vacation, the best thing for you should be to enjoy the sea and the sun without any problems. If you are in the season of Montenegro, in other words, if you are visiting Montenegro, you have already prepared your bikini, swimsuit, and shorts and put your sunscreen in your bag. Which is the best beach in Montenegro? You must be analyzing the question in your head.

Which is famous for its natural beauty Beaches of Montenegro will welcome you with their beautiful, unique cleanliness and peaceful view from the beaches of many regions and countries. But each beach has its characteristics. Some vacationers prefer crowded beaches, while others prefer calm and quiet places. Or another vacationer may choose a pebble beach while you want a sandy beach. This article will find the most suitable Montenegro beach for you.

Petrovac Beach

Consisting of two beaches Petrovac, it is highly preferred by both domestic and foreign tourists. There are many cafes and places to stay around this beach, which attracts tourists with the charm of a Rustic city.

It is also possible to see a lot of cats around this beach in Montenegro, which is famous for its cats. Although it is nice that the sea is clean, it can make some people sad while some can be happy.

Suppose you are going to the beach with a hotel reservation and renting a sunbed about Decoupage you need to pay a 10 to 15 euros fee. It is possible to use the beach, produced as of June, free of charge before June.

The most unpopular part of Petrovac beach is that it is stony, not sandy. If you say that my feet should always touch the sand on the beach and at sea, we recommend that you choose other Montenegro Beaches.

Sveti Stefan Beach

Sveti Stefan, which draws attention with its luxury hotels, 15th century Castle, and historical structure, is the other details that make Sveti Stefan famous because it is a small but dreamy island with easy access to the land connection. It becomes one of the most famous popular places in Montenegro in the summer. It is impossible not to come across a photo of this fantastic island when you write Montenegro on the Internet.

The beach and its surroundings are very well-maintained and clean in the region, generally a well-kept and pristine island. There are options such as a market and a restaurant nearby. There is also an hourly parking fee and a children’s park for parking your car. If you like pebble beaches or have a pair of shoes, you can find the peace you are looking for on this private beach, which is calmer than other beaches and where you will not wait for a chaise lounge line. With the high-quality service, you will receive a view of Sveti Stefan island.

Murići Beach, Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar is a peaceful freshwater lake bordering Albania and Montenegro. Part of the ancient Slavic kingdom of Zeta in the 13th century, Lake Skadar was nominated for a Unesco world heritage site in 2011. Far from popular and crowded places, where you can find peace and natural beauty, this place is excellent, especially for lovers of silence and tranquility.

Dobrev Beach

Herceg Novi, this small beach, which you can reach by boat from the port in about half an hour, will make you feel special and offer an experience that will make you smile. Although the prices are a little higher than other beaches, the Restaurant, and atmosphere where excellent seafood is on the menu give you your money’s worth. We recommend that you book in advance or go early to find a sunbed.

It would be helpful to remind you to be careful of wasps on this beach, where you will be pleased with its friendly staff. We think it will not bother you to experience this unique experience on small pebbles while reminding you that the beach is not sandy.

Jazz Beach

If you are looking for a crystal clear, clean beach in Budva, you can choose Jazz Beach. You can spend a pleasant summer day ordering your drink or food from the Restaurant Bar and enjoying the sea. There may be small rocks in the sea at a level that will not disturb you at Jazz Beach.

Lucie Beach

Lucie beach, located in Petrovac, is a beach that appeals to families with children due to its shallow water, situated in a small cove surrounded by picturesque pine trees, Cyprus trees, and olive groves.

The beach, where you will pay about 20 euros for two sun loungers and umbrellas, has a pebble floor, as on most other Montenegro beaches. The entrance to the beach by car is 5 euros, with it has a spacious parking space. You can see the fish very clearly on the beach. The sea is apparent. The small size of the sheep can cause it to be quite crowded during the season, while it can be polluted from time to time by insensitive people in the environment.

Mala Plaza Beach

Mala Plaza, in other words, Little Beach, located in Ulcinj, is a local beach. It is not possible to find calm during the season since it is a small beach on its name. Visiting this small sandy beach, especially when the season is not officially open, will make this small sandy beach more enjoyable for you.

Becici Beach

Becici beach, separated from Budva by a peninsula, is calmer than other beaches in the region. It is a beautiful beach surrounded by mountains, where you can do sports such as canoeing and surfing with its crystal blue clean water. You can enjoy the Adriatic sea on this beach, with very little wind.

Mogren Beach

Mogren beach, located in Budva, is divided by a high mountain. You can make a discovery, such as finding the cave that connects the two coasts, or you can enjoy the sea and the sun. Mogren beach, located about 150 meters from the center of Budva, is one of the most beloved beaches. The cost of a sunbed is about 10 euros.

Plavi Horizonti Beach

Plavi Horizonti beach, located on the Radovici and Lustica peninsulas, is a blue flag beach that families mainly prefer. It is a reasonably accurate beach for enjoying the golden sands and diving into the crystal clear sea with sunglasses and snorkels.

The cost of parking on the beach is 3 euros, and the cost of two sunbeds and an umbrella is 20 euros. Although the lack of sufficient staff may cause the service to be delayed, it ensures that the children are safe in the shallow sea.



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