When will Montenegro join the European Union?

Montenegro is currently a candidate country for European Union (EU) membership. It applied for membership in 2008 and was granted candidate status in 2010. Accession negotiations began in 2012, but progress has been slow. As of November 2023, Montenegro has opened all 33 negotiating chapters, but only 3 of these chapters have been provisionally closed.

There is no official timeline for Montenegro’s EU membership, but some experts believe that it could join the bloc as early as 2025. However, this will depend on a number of factors, including Montenegro’s progress on reforms, the political situation in the EU, and the willingness of other member states to admit a new member.

Some of the key challenges Montenegro faces on its path to EU membership include:

  • Tackling corruption: Montenegro has a high level of corruption, which is a major concern for the EU.
  • Strengthening the rule of law: The judiciary in Montenegro is not yet fully independent, and there is a need for further reforms in the rule of law area.
  • Improving public administration: Public administration in Montenegro is inefficient and bureaucratic, and needs to be reformed to meet EU standards.
  • Promoting economic development: Montenegro’s economy is relatively weak, and it needs to be diversified and strengthened in order to meet the challenges of EU membership.

Despite these challenges, Montenegro is committed to EU membership and is making progress on reforms. The EU has also expressed its support for Montenegro’s membership bid, and has pledged to provide assistance to help the country meet the necessary requirements.

If Montenegro is able to overcome these challenges, it could become a member of the EU in the coming years. This would be a major achievement for the country and would bring a number of benefits, including access to the EU’s single market, funding for development projects, and increased political stability.

In fact, as far as we can see, all preparations for the European Union are almost complete. In fact, when you enter Montenegro from Albania, you are welcomed with European Union flags at the border gate. We would like to point out that the same welcome is not at the Kosovo border crossing. In other words, there are no European Union flags at the Kosovo – Montenegro gate.


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