Which business is best in Montenegro?

What business can be done in Montenegro?

Most of the workforce in Montenegro is available in real estate, construction and tourism. The continuous development of the country and the increase in the foreign population have led to a sectoral development in this area. If you have a real estate education, you can become a real estate broker. In addition, since it is a tourism country, it is very popular in professions such as hotel manager, sales manager, photographer, tour guide, organizer, and it is possible to find seasonal jobs.

What are the salaries in Montenegro?

The average salary in Montenegro is lower than in other European countries. In addition, daily living costs are very low compared to other countries. The military wage in Montenegro is set at 331 euros for 2020. White-collar professionals who are experts in their fields can start work with wages of 1000 euros or more, or it is possible to earn more income in seasonal jobs.

For job opportunities in Montenegro, take a look at our Montenegro job postings page.


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