Casino Royale in Montenegro

Montenegro has appeared in many movies, especially Hollywood movies. In the cinematic world of James Bond, “Casino Royale” takes the iconic spy, played by Daniel Craig, to the glamorous setting of Montenegro. However, in a twist of filmmaking geography, the Montenegro scenes in the movie were predominantly filmed in the Czech Republic. The fictional “Casino Royale” is depicted against the backdrop of Montenegro’s charm, adding an exotic allure to the storyline.

While the actual filming didn’t take place in Montenegro, the choice of this Adriatic gem in the plot contributes to the movie’s atmosphere of sophistication and high-stakes intrigue. The film centers around a high-stakes poker game at the casino, weaving an essential element into the narrative.

In reality, Montenegro stands as a breathtaking tourist destination, celebrated for its scenic beauty and historical sites such as Budva, Kotor, and the Bay of Kotor. While there may not be a tangible “Casino Royale” in Montenegro, the country boasts real casinos, inviting visitors to experience a taste of excitement and entertainment in a setting reminiscent of Bond’s world.

Vesper and Bond Arrived in Montenegro


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