What gsm operators are there in Montenegro

As of that time, the major GSM operators in Montenegro included:

Crnogorski Telekom (Telenor Montenegro): This is one of the largest mobile network operators in Montenegro, offering a range of mobile services.

m:tel Montenegro: Another significant operator providing mobile and telecommunication services to customers in Montenegro.

Telemach: Telemach offers mobile services along with other telecommunications services.

Cetinje Telecom: A smaller operator providing mobile and other telecommunications services.

Mtel (M:tel): While m:tel is a major player, it’s worth noting that there are different companies using the “Mtel” brand in different countries. The one in Montenegro is separate from others and is associated with the Telekom Srpske Group.

T-Mobile Montenegro: T-Mobile is a part of the Crnogorski Telekom group.


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