Important days and weeks in Montenegro

Here are some important days and weeks celebrated in Montenegro:

  1. Independence Day (Dan Nezavisnosti) – May 21:
    • This day marks the declaration of Montenegro’s independence from Serbia and Montenegro in 2006. Independence Day is usually celebrated with various events, demonstrations, and festivities.
  2. Children’s Day (Dan Djeteta) – June 2:
    • Children’s Day focuses on the rights and well-being of children. Schools often organize various activities for students.
  3. Education and Science Day (Dan Prosvjete i Nauke) – November 23:
    • This day celebrates achievements and developments in the fields of education and science. Schools, universities, and other educational institutions may host various events.
  4. Independence Referendum Day (Dan Referenduma o Nezavisnosti Crne Gore) – May 21:
    • Commemorates the day when the results of the independence referendum held in 2006, before Montenegro declared independence, were announced.
  5. Forest Day (Dan Šuma) – March 31:
    • Forest Day is dedicated to forestry and environmental issues, with activities such as tree planting and environmental awareness campaigns.
  6. Capital Podgorica Day (Dan Glavnog Grada Podgorice) – July 13:
    • Celebrates the day when Podgorica was declared the capital. Various events and activities are organized to mark the occasion.

These days hold significance in Montenegro’s history, culture, and society. However, events and celebrations may vary each year, so checking the current event calendar is advisable.


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