Is it possible to swim in Montenegro in November?

Yes, you can swim in Montenegro in November. The average sea temperature in Montenegro in November is 17 degrees Celsius (62 degrees Fahrenheit). This is considered to be mild, and many people find it comfortable for swimming. However, it is important to note that the sea temperature can vary depending on the location and the weather conditions. For example, the sea temperature in the north of Montenegro is usually colder than the sea temperature in the south of Montenegro. Additionally, the sea temperature can be colder on rainy or windy days.

If you are considering swimming in Montenegro in November, it is important to be prepared for the following:

  • The water may be cold. If you are not used to swimming in cold water, it is important to start slowly and gradually increase the amount of time you spend in the water.
  • The water may be rough. If the weather is windy or rainy, the sea may be rough. It is important to be cautious and avoid swimming in rough waters.
  • There may be strong currents. It is important to be aware of the currents in the area where you are swimming. If you are not a strong swimmer, it is best to stay close to shore.
  • There may be jellyfish. Jellyfish are common in the waters of Montenegro. If you are stung by a jellyfish, it is important to rinse the affected area with seawater and seek medical attention if necessary.

Overall, swimming in Montenegro in November is possible, but it is important to be aware of the risks and to take precautions.


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