Marinas in Montenegro

Montenegro is a Balkan country with a coastline along the Adriatic Sea, popular for its maritime tourism. There are several significant marinas in the country, offering various services to yacht owners and sea tourists. Here are some of the major marinas in Montenegro:

Porto Montenegro: Located in the city of Tivat, Porto Montenegro is the most famous and luxurious marina in Montenegro. Equipped with modern amenities, this marina has the capacity to accommodate over 450 yachts and provides all the necessary services for them. Additionally, there are shopping centers, restaurants, and accommodation facilities around the marina.

Bar Marina: This marina, located in the city of Bar, is one of the largest marinas in Montenegro with a capacity of over 400 yachts. Bar Marina serves both local and international maritime traffic.

Budva Marina: Budva is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Montenegro, and the marina is situated very close to the city center. Budva Marina is a small marina with a capacity for 50 yachts, surrounded by an atmosphere enriched with restaurants and shopping opportunities.

Kotor Marina: Kotor is a historic city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the marina is located within this historic atmosphere. Kotor Marina offers basic services to yacht owners and is ideally situated for those wishing to explore the surrounding historical and cultural richness.

Herceg Novi Marina: Located in the northwest of Montenegro, close to the border with Croatia, Herceg Novi Marina has a capacity of 200 yachts, providing basic services and a beautiful atmosphere to yacht owners.


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